Grizzly Bear @ Club DeVille 9.14.07

After watching Grizzly Bear at Pitchfork, I kept wondering where would be the best place to see them perform. After Hot Freaks!, I think I’ve found out. The beautiful outdoor venue of Club DeVille was as near perfect to see Grizzly Bear as you can get. Swirls of blue and purple smoke curled around Ed and Dan as they sang, while the Chris Bear and Chris Taylor had exploding halos of light. And that’s not even to say one word about the music.

MP3: Grizzly Bear – Graceland (Paul Simon)

Somewhere along the way, Grizzly Bear have become the masters of what they do. They know how to have their peaks and valleys of performance, they don’t play straight studio versions of their songs (even warping the super-mega hit “Knife” a bit) and their harmonies are fantastic.

Thanks for playing our party, Grizzly Bear.

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