Lucksmiths Announce New Album!

Wow. This is some fantastic news to get while you’re trying to stay up two more hours to catch your flight to Austin. Indie-pop kings the Lucksmiths just announced information about their new album, and it looks to be a whopper. Spring a Leak is a two-disc, 45-song compilation of non-album songs. There are TONS of goodies on this thing, including covers of the Smiths, Ladybug Transistor, Bee Gees and Modern Lovers. Here’s a sample:

MP3: Lucksmiths – Rushes of Pure Spring (Ladybug Transistor)

Spring a Leak tracklist below.

Spring a Leak Tracklist
1. Falling Off of My Feet Again (compilation track, Siddeleys cover)
2. Point Being (b-side)
3. The Invention of Ordinary Everyday Things (7″ version)
4. Synchronised Sinking (previously unreleased radio session)
5. Postcard (previously unreleased, Simpletons cover)
6. The Year of Driving Languorously (compilation track, radio session)
7. Even Stevens (previously unreleased radio session)
8. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (compilation track, Smiths cover)
9. Macintyre (7″ version)
10. The Winter Proper (b-side)
11. Anyone’s Guess (compilation track)
12. $30 (compilation track)
13. Get Well Now (7″ b-side)
14. A Hiccup in Your Happiness (previously unreleased radio session)
15. Deep Sea Diving Suit (b-side, Magnetic Fields cover)
16. Punchlines (live on television)
17. Snug (previously unreleased alternative version)
18. I Prefer the Twentieth Century (Hydroplane remix, compilation track)
19. To Absent Votes (b-side, compilation track)
20. Make a Wish (previously unreleased Cat’s Miaow cover)
21. Smokers in Love (live, previously unreleased)
22. Are You Having a Good Time?!?! (7″ b-side)

1. From Macaulay Station (b-side)
2. I Started a Joke (b-side, Bee Gees cover)
3. Once Again (compilation track)
4. How to Tie a Tie (Pipas remix, compilation track)
5. Rushes of Pure Spring (previously unreleased, Ladybug Transistor cover)
6. Rue Something (b-side)
7. Off With His Cardigan! (previously unreleased radio session)
8. Camera-Shy (live, previously unreleased)
9. Requiem For the Punters Club (b-side)
10. Yunta Hair (compilation track)
11. Dignified and Old (compilation track, Modern Lovers cover)
12. Caravanna (7″ version)
13. The Thought That Counts (compilation track)
14. Up (7″ version)
15. Boat (Bedridden cover, compilation track)
16. Broken Bones (compilation track, radio session)
17. Danielle Steel (live, compilation track)
18. Dolly (previously unreleased, Sugargliders cover)
19. Shine on Me (7″ version)
20. Transpontine (Andrew Kaffer remix)
21. The Tichborne Claimant (live, compilation track)
22. I’ve Got It and It’s Not Worth Having (compilation track, Boyracer cover)
23. Your Favourite Shirt (previously unreleased demo)

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