Elekibass @ The Icehouse 8.23.07

I can only say that Elekibass destroyed last night: they destroyed my tolerance for mediocre performance. Those three guys from Tokyo, Japan (plus Jason/Casper on drums!) put on one of the best low-budget live shows I’ve yet to see.

Elekibass’ lead singer has the kind of fire and creativity that makes you watch him. He jumped at least once every song, did two songs standing on a stool, and always, always got us involved. One song ended with the lines “One More Time,” which the band got us to chant each time they ended the song, which only lead to them going through the end of the song again; I feared we’d enter some perpetual music cycle, but it eventually ended.

I really can’t think of enough good things to say about Elekibass. They’re some very good musicians and songwriters that have really learned what an audience wants. It’s a shame more people weren’t able to come out and experience it last night. Here’s hoping those Tokyo wonders visit us again.

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