Of Montreal @ Pitchfork 7.15.07

Many, many bands don’t have great value in repeat concert viewings. I could name quite a few band that I have no interest in seeing again until they’re touring behind a new album. I’m firmly confident that I could go on tour with Of Montreal for the next two years and still want more (note to Of Montreal: if you want to call my bluff, I’m more than willing to skip school for a while).

I’d never seen the Athens pop gods at a festival setting before, and I feared it might take away from the impact of their show. Turns out that a larger audience — even one sweltering under the midwest sun — is just more fuel for Of Montreal’s art-rock fire.

Photo by Cameron Ludwick

New band antics included: Kevin’s brother David doing some doodles on paper and throwing them to eager fans, gold-faced men in black jumpsuits popping balloons full of glitter over the crowd, gold footballs being hurled and Kevin’s new costume changes to a leather daddy biker, football pads and stockings and ultimately a Rocky Horror fishnets and g-string combination. Tough to top? Try an encore of the Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night.”

It was one of my favorite Of Montreal shows I’ve attended, and apparently the same was true for the band. Kevin told Pitchfork that it was one of the best live experiences he’d ever had, and I heard a lot of people say it was the most enthusiastic crowd they’d ever seen. They probably tied Clipse for my favorite show of the festival.

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