Grizzly Bear @ Pitchfork 7.14.07

I can pretty much consider 2007 a success, having so far seen the Flaming Lips and the White Stripes at Bonnaroo. But now I can just keep piling on the treats — like Brooklyn’s treasure, Grizzly Bear.

I was one of the few in attendance who had never seen the group before. Going into the festival, I was a little anxious about hearing one of my most-anticipated live acts in a festival setting. Summer shows are notoriously unforgiving to the acoustic set, and I didn’t want anything to take away from their impact. Yellow House is fantastic, and I was dead set on enjoying every minute of its live translation. Turned out, Pitchfork gave the guys just the platform they needed.

Seeing Grizzly Bear live makes you realize how much of their strength comes from harmonies. The sound was great — right down to the rich tones on “Knife” and every note of “On a Neck, On a Spit” — but the real cherry of their performance was hearing the division of harmonies. “Little Brother” and “Easier” showcased that side of the band better than any recording could.

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