Flaming Lips to Bring UFOs to ‘Roo

I came into work today to find tons of promotional cards labeled “UFOs OVER BONNAROO.” Turns out that the Lips will be bringing their giant UFO light show to the South’s finest festival. Here’s what the back had to say:

The open lands of the Midwest and the rural South in America has always been fertile ground for extra-terrestrial encounters. Bonnaroo 2007 (in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee) should be, without exception, the greatest U.F.O. sighting and alien abduction experience of all time.

The Flaming Lips will land their giant U.F.O. light show and spray the grateful spectators with an endless magnum 10 kaleidoscope of intergalactic beams and effects. They will sing songs of intense joy and wonderment and play music that echoes the grandeur and chaos of a cosmic collision.

Bonnaroo will be the second third incarnation of the alien light show, the first of which was their performance at the OKC Zoo, DVD out July 10.

Speaking of the Flaming Lips and concerts, what ever happened to those vibrating panties?

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