Songs for Heroes

I haven’t really talked a whole lot about it here, but I’m a huge Heroes fan. I missed the first two episodes, but have since jumped headfirst into one of the best super-powered stories since The Watchmen. I figured what better way to celebrate the season finale of the year’s best show than with a few tunes.

Songs for Heroes
MP3: Beach Boys – Heroes and Villans
MP3: Enon – The Nightmare of Atomic Men
MP3: The Eames Era – Fake Do-gooders
MP3: MF Doom – Hero vs Villan
MP3: The Magnetic Fields – Strange Powers
MP3: The Smiths – Paint a Vulgar Picture
MP3: My Brightest Diamond – The Good & The Bad Guy
M4A: Beulah – The Rise and Fall Or Our Hero’s Reward
MP3: Electric Six – I’m the Bomb

And now, for those of you who are likewise addicted, what questions do we have left? Presumably the field of “who explodes?” has now been narrowed to two. I’m sure there will be tons of discussions bubbling over at 9th Wonders! today, so hit that up if you’ve got to get out any burning questions.

Also I have to say how excited I am for the 30 episodes of Heroes and Heroes: Origins coming up.

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