Apples in Stereo to Release Rarities Comp

The Apples in Stereo will be releasing a compilation entitled Electronic Projects for Musicians later this year, head Apple Robert Schneider said on the E6 Townhall.

Schneider: “[It] will include all of our non-LP material since fun trick noisemaker came out– including all of the tracks that were listed here on the townhall for the unofficial comp that was put together some time ago”

One song that will be featured on it is “Dreams,” a song that was recorded for Tone Soul Evolution, but never completely finished. Here’s a live take on it, as well as Schneider’s comments.

MP3: The Apples in Stereo – Dreams (live)

“we recorded the song “dreams” for tone soul evolution– it was one of the druggiest, prettiest, most melancholy songs for the album, and was one of our favorite apples songs at the time– we completely finished it but it needed a guitar solo and i could never get the right guitar sound, and it just did not feel perfectly drone-y enough, so we dropped it from the album, planning to finish it for the next record– obviously we never did.”

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