BOAT: “(I’m A) Donkey For Your Love”

While everyone was busy looking out for that other Magic Marker release (Tullycraft), one of their other ace bands snuck up and delivered one of the year’s best pop tunes on what is (presumably) going to be a stand-out record. Let’s Drag Our Feet! is due out on Magic Marker June 10.

MP3: BOAT – (I’m a) Donkey For Your Love
Think of this as the twee answer to “Beast of Burden.” In this one, BOAT frontman David Crane melds together a gloriously falsetto’ed-out melody with a chorus that’ll jolt you out of your seat to sing lyrics so beautifully absurd that you’ll be smiling the whole while: “I’m a donkey for your love / I’ll carry you on my back / These bones are made of steel / These bones, they cannot crack.” The real magic here, though, is that BOAT never let you get very far in the song before hitting you with something wonderful. For example, check out the layer-upon-layer building of the outro.

BOAT on Myspace

BOAT Tour Dates
Jun 2 Georgetown Music Fest Seattle, Washington
Jul 6 The Crocodile Cafe Seattle, Washington
Jul 7 Vera Project Seattle, Virginia
Jul 13 The Towne Lounge Portland, Oregon
Jul 14 Neurolux Boise, Idaho
Jul 15 Monk’s Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 16 The Appaloosa Grill Denver, Colorado
Jul 18 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
Jul 19 Cafe Montmartre Madison, Wisconsin
Jul 20 Schubas Chicago, Illinois
Jul 21 The Turf Club Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jul 23 Missoula Public Library/Early Show Missoula, Montana
Jul 24 Brooklyn Nights Spokane, Washington
Jul 28 The Capitol Hill Block Party (VERA stage) Seattle, Washington

VIDEO: Naast’s “Mauvais Garcon”

I ran across this song on my friend’s myspace profile and have been rocking it ever since. Unfortunately I don’t have an MP3 (seems to be a running trend lately, huh?) If anyone’s got one, email it to me (matt @ and I’ll gladly toss it up here.

As for Naast, I dig ’em. They’re sort of like Malajube meets Locksley.

Besties Annouce Full Tour

The Besties have fleshed out their tour with extra dates (one in KY) and a trip overseas.

MP3: The Besties – Rod ‘n Reel

The Besties Tour Dates
Jun 22 TSI Jacksonville, Florida
Jun 23 Orlando, FLA Orlando, Florida
Jun 25 Transitions Art Gallery Tampa, Florida
Jun 26 The Beta Bar Tallahassee, Florida
Jun 27 Sluggo’s Pensacola, Florida
Jun 29 Cave 9 Birmingham, Alabama
Jun 30 The Birdhouse Knoxville, Tennessee
Jul 2 The Icehouse Lexington, Kentucky
Jul 3 CBGB-St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri
Jul 5 South Union Arts Chicago, Illinois
Jul 6 Juke’s Bar Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jul 7 The DAAC Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jul 8 TBA- Ohio Ohio, Ohio
Jul 12 PA’s Lounge- Boston Somerville, Massachusetts
Jul 13 Club Metronome Brurlington, Vermont
Jul 15 Sound Post Portland, Maine
Jul 26 Emmaboda Festival Emmaboda
Jul 31 Nottingham-UK Nottingham
Aug 1 The Brixton Windmill London, London and South East
Aug 2 Cardif, Wales Cardif, Wales

The Besties on Myspace

New Pornographers: “My Rights Versus Yours”

Here’s an early look at the upcoming New Pornographers album, Challengers. Dunno about you, but I much prefer MP3 previews to album cover previews.

MP3: The New Pornographers – My Rights Versus Yours
I tend to get caught up in melody when listening to the New Pornographers — not entirely a bad thing, considering that A.C. Newman is one of my favorite melody-makers. But it’s just that I it makes me overlook some spectacular lyrics. How can you top lyrics like “It hangs in air like a school cheer.”

Like many other fine artists, The New Pornographers will be playing at the 2007 Pitchfork Music Festival. Meet you there!

VIDEO: Miracle Fortress @ Fringe Pop

I’ve also been on a bit of a Miracle Fortress kick lately. As if I wasn’t listening to the album enough, it was also the between-bands music for the Tapes ‘n Tapes / Ladyhawk show. Here’s a live vid of him performing at last year’s Fringe Pop show. Full tour dates for Graham and Co. can be found below.

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David Bowie: “Sweet Head”

I’ve spent the past two days on somewhat of a Daivd Bowie kick. So tonight, after returning from a night out, all I wanted to do was grab my guitar and play some Bowie. However, everyone is asleep, so I feel it’s best if I shared my love on YANP, rather than out loud.

MP3: David Bowie – Sweet Head
I know it’s probably the most typical choice, but for my money it doesn’t get any better than Hunky Dory– and Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie. “Sweet Head,” a recording from the Ziggy sessions, is Bowie at his most simplistic — but in a good way. Like Marc Bolan putting a little curve to his fastball, or Mott the Hoople sticking to what they do best, Bowie keeps his bluesy glam rock straight-forward and nearly perfect.

Buy The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust: 30th Anniversary

Also, I think I’m required to post this when talking about David Bowie.

MP3: Veruca Salt – With David Bowie

Scud Returns in ’07

Image via Josh McDowell + Rob Schrab

While browsing for a stream-able version of Rob Schrab’s Robot Bastard, I stumbled across some important information: the final Scud comic is being made.

Scud: The Disposable Assasin was an integral part of my young-adulthood. One of my mom’s younger co-workers introduced me to the wonders of late-’80s, and ’90s underground comics — Scud included. As a teenager, I ordered all the books offline (some had gone out of print before I could get them) and fell in love with Schrab’s creation. So you can understand that, barring any Scud feature film or TV series, this is the best possible comic-related news for me.

Songs for Scud: A Disposable Mix

MP3: Super Furry Animals – Sex, War and Robots
MP3: Wax Fang – Sweet Bloody Murder
MP3: Electric Six – Don’t Be Afraid of the Robot
MP3: Guided By Voices – Gold Star for Robot Boy
MP3: Youth Group – Catching and Killing

Get all your Scud information at and hold your breath with me.

On a related note, Ed Norton and Tim Roth could quite possibly resurrect my interest in the second Incredible Hulk movie. No word yet on how the people behind the Watchmen movie will break my heart with casting, but I’ve grown accustomed to Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. [/comicnerd]