New Sunset Rubdown Songs

Spencer is a busy, busy man. Wolf Parade are capping off a new album and he’s busy unveiling new tunes for his side project Sunset Rubdown. Here are four new songs that he previewed earlier this month.

MP3: Sunset Rubdown – Physical World (Badadum) (live; new)
MP3: Sunset Rubdown – Burning Out Your Eyes (live; new)
MP3: Sunset Rubdown – Stallions (Get Away From Me) (live; new)
MP3: Sunset Rubdown – Clusterf*ck (live; new)

And for anyone who missed it earlier, the three new Wolf Parade tracks can be found below.

MP3: Wolf Parade – Bed’s Exploding (live; new)
MP3: Wolf Parade – Cathedral Bells (live; new)
MP3: Wolf Parade – Things I Don’t Know(live; new)

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