Suburban Kids With Biblical Names Song in Toyota Commercial

It’s all in the headline. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard a lot about SKWBN appearing in a Toyota commercia. Perhaps they aren’t as high profile as M Ward. or BDB, but that’s probably why I find it so noteworthy. It’s not every day that guys from Sweden have a song — about a crappy car, no less — featured in a car commercial.

MP3: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Rent a Wreck

Sons and Daughters: “The War on Love Song”

In one of the cooler cross-medium experiments that I’ve heard lately, Ballads of the Book brings together Scotland’s greatest poets with some of their finest songsmiths. Though there are arguably some better known pairs (Vashti Bunyan & Rodge Glass, Idlewild & Edwin Morgan), I have to go with Sons and Daughters. I love ’em and this song is enough to actually make me consider reading the work of a Scottish poet.

MP3: Sons and Daughters – The War On Love Song
Lyrics by A. L. Kennedy
Don’t misread as I initially did: this is no war on love songs, those sappy staples of pop music. No, this is a song about the war on love. Over the course of the song, A. L. Kennedy, through the mouth of Sons and Daughters, tears apart everything that makes love worth having. In a manner that makes me thankful that I am not of her assumed mindset for this work, her lyrics assume an authoratative control over anything beautiful that might arise, and instead replaces it with barked orders: “I only need you to obey me, like you ought to do / And tell me all the things I tell you, like you know they’re true.”

The best (worst?) part about this is that is that as dark as the lyrics are, they’re completely understandable. Hating and wanting to control the uncertainty that stems from dating someone — something that will always produce surprises — isn’t too far off from being a kid with wrapped presents under the tree. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but if you can learn to enjoy the chaos that comes from not knowing what to expect, you’ll find the reward all that much greater.

Bonus MP3: Sons and Daughters – Rama Lama

Sons and Daughters on Myspace
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Mixel Pixel Announce Dates

MP3: Mixel Pixel – You’re The Kind Of Girl

Mixel Pixel are hitting the road! They’ve got a string of dates that take them from Atlanta to New York. Along they way they play with the likes of Of Montreal, Grand Buffet and Rahim.

Mixel Pixel Tour Dates
2/27 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Rahim
2/28 Gainesville, FL @Side Bar w/ Band Marino, Rahim
3/01 Tallahassee, FL @ The Beta Bar w/ Band Marino, Rahim
3/02 Orlando, FL @ The Social w/ Band Marino, Rahim
3/03 Charleston, SC @ TBA w/ Band Marino, Rahim
3/04 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ Band Marino, Rahim
3/05 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle w/ of Montreal, Grand Buffet
3/06 Fall’s Church, VA @ State Theatre with of Montreal, Grand Buffet
3/07 Clinton, NY @ The Annex / Hamilton College with of Montreal, Grand Buffet
3/08 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero with of Montreal, Grand Buffet
3/09 NYC @ Irving Plaza with of Montreal, Grand Buffet

Mixel Pixel on Myspace

Oh No! Oh My! Announce Tour

I think I was spoiled. Now that the Oh No! Oh My! guys have moved back to Texas, their tours have gotten increasingly Southwest-centric (including stops at South by Southwest!). Well, you know what that means, people of California and Seattle: you have no excuse for not seeing them!

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Walk in the Park

Oh No! Oh My! Tour Dates
Feb 27 – Los Angeles, CA – Check Yo’ Ponytail @ Safari Sam’s
Mar 05 – Portland, OR – Towne Lounge
Mar 06 – Seattle, WA – Vera Project
Mar 08 – Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge
Mar 09 – Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
Mar 10 – Chicago, IL – Ronny’s Bar
Mar 11 – Dekalb, IL – Otto’s
Mar 12 – Memphis, TN – Hi Tone CafĂ©
Mar 14 – Austin, TX – Dim Mak/TBA Agency Showcase @ Flamingo Cantina
Mar 15- Austin, TX – JellyNYC Party @ Speakeasy
Mar 16 – Austin, TX – JANE Magazine Party
Mar 17 – Austin, TX – Puma Party @ Beauty Bar

Oh No! Oh My! on Myspace

Casper and the Cookies: “Sweet Pea”

Man, Casper and the Cookies really know how to hook me in. Last time I posted on them, they were doing “Sweet Transvestite” from Rocky Horror, and now they’re doing a song that I’ve loved since I was a kid. If you enjoy this cover, be sure to grab the rest of their performance over here.

MP3: Casper and the Cookies – Sweet Pea (Tommy Roe)
Every time — ok, both times — I’ve seen Casper and the Cookies, I’ve remarked at how good they are at harmonization. And really, is there a better way to showcase that skill than by covering a golden oldie? Jason and the gang do a really nice reworking of Tommy Roe’s “Sweet Pea.”

Bonus MP3: Casper and the Cookies – Sweet Transvestite (Rocky Horror)

Lovely Feathers Finish Recording New Album

Even though I’d been passed more than a few rumors regarding the breakup of The Lovely Feathers, they just announced that they’ve wrapped up recording for their new album. From the band’s post on Myspace:

hey folks.

we’re just finishing off the recordings for the new album. it will hopefully be released this summer. we have 3 quick shows in march. come come.

Happier new could not be announced today. If you don’t already own their debut album, Hind Hind Legs, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

MP3: The Lovely Feathers – Pope John Paul

Lovely Feathers Tour Dates
Mar 22 les saints. (AFRICA IS REAL benefit show) – Montreal, Quebec
Mar 23 hartford art centre – hartford, Connecticut
Mar 24 Mercury lounge – NYC, New York

Anyone who has mp3s of the new songs they played on their last tour, a good photo of the band or even more information of the band’s status (just releasing album? touring? breaking up?) please email me at matt @

Pulp Fiction as Typography

Thanks to Boing Boing for pointing me to this work. It’s the audio from the “What?” scene of Pulp Fiction with Samuel L. Jackson bearing down on his quivering interrogatee layed overtop of some excellent word art. (Warning: Language, etc etc)

You can view it in better quality or download it as a MOV here. Somebody get these guys a job making commercials for AMC.