Andrew Bird: “Placticities”

OK. Last time, I promise: 2007 is going to be the best year for music in quite some time. Andrew Bird’s new album, Armchair Apocrypha, is another in a long line of works that establish him as a true master of his craft.

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MP3: Andrew Bird – Placticities
I can never explain what it is that I love about the violin. Whatever it is, I’m fairly certain that it’s the exact reason that I love Andrew Bird and his new album, Armchair Apocrypha. Both violins and Andrew Bird are versatile, having both the ability to hold soft melodies or soulful stirrings; they’re classic, yet undeniably still modern; but most of all, they’re nearly perfect music-making machines. Both are finely tuned instruments of passion that, when let loose, can be a gift from God.

And with “Placticities,” a song that has been given the live treatment for nearly a year now, Bird lets his song soar. It’s not his catchiest, or most intricate, but for some reason I find it his most elevating yet. And at its heart, a rallying cry: “We’ll fight, we’ll fight, we’ll fight for your music halls and dying cities.” It’s the Us versus Them battle of the 21st century, and from the looks of it, our finest weapon just might be Andrew Bird.

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