Harlem Shakes: “Carpetbaggers”

I wasn’t really blown away when I saw Harlem Shakes in concert, but I’m really enjoying their new EP, “Burning Birthdays.”

MP3: Harlem Shakes – Carpetbaggers
There are so many bands I could use as a reference point for Harlem Shakes that I can’t really even think of the proper one to start with. How embarrassing. So for a lack of skills in comparability, I’ll have to describe them by saying that they’re very Brooklyn. And when a kid from Kentucky knows where a band is from just from their EP, you know they’ve got that sound. But here’s the cool thing — these days it seems like the New York bands that hardly cause a stir within their own state (or neighborhood) are still better than most bands that someone in my situation will encounter within a year. So if Harlem Shakes are your average Brooklyn pop-rock band, I say bring on the Brooklyn!

Harlem Shakes on Myspace

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