12 Days of Mixmas: Day 12
Keith Murray of We Are Scientists

Merry Christmas!

It just wouldn’t have been Mixmas without a contribution from Keith Murray of We Are Scientists. He’s one of the most consistantly witty people I’ve ever met. The other best part of his mixes is that he seems to like to take this chance to pimp out some good music. I tell you, he’s a blogger in the making.

“Five Songs Released This Year That Make Me Want To Punch A Friend (Because Said Friend Wrote Said Song (And I Wish I Had))” by Keith Murray

MP3: Mystery Jets – Diamond In The Dark
I wish I wrote this song so badly. So, so badly. It’s got it all – a perfect melody, a heart-rending lyric, a weird-but-not-at-all-inaccessible arrangement. The gentlemen who constitute Mystery Jets are five of the warmest, gentlest artist/philosophers I’ve ever met, and so it is not without some regret that I admit that I would like to batter them with my fists until whatever facility for songwriting exists within them has bled from their bodies and into the street, where I can drink of it and, hopefully, adopt their powers.

MP3: Art Brut – Nag Nag Nag Nag
Over the course of the tour we recently enjoyed with Art Brut, singer Eddie Argos and I got into the habit of battling each other on stage, both verbally and physically. Many were the nights that saw Eddie take the stage during our set to catch me in a full nelson or hold me aloft by my ankle and then effortlessly throw me over the drum kit. He may have assumed that my enthusiastic delivery of punches and kicks and bites (Yeah, I’m a biter. So what?) during these assaults were simply vigorous (if also admittedly physically meager) attempts at offering some measure of defense against such indignity. In actuality, however, I was simply cashing in on an afforded opportunity to punish him for being a man who has the both brains to create some of the most cuttingly wry, psyche-dissecting lyrics being written today and the balls to deliver them atop music created by one of the most primal, grandiose, a**-kicking live bands in the world. If he weren’t capable of lifting me bodily above his head, I’d split his lip for him.

MP3: Oxford Collapse – Please Visit Your National Parks
You know what pisses me off even more than the fact that these dudes beat me handily in the game of writing sweet pop songs disguised as shambolic, stuttering freak-outs? The fact that singer/guitarist Michael Pace is possessed of the greatest mental catalogue of film trivia I’ve ever had the fortune(?) to experience. The man is a d*mn savant in his cinematic wisdom. Directorial catalogues, dates of release, alternate titles, box office receipts . . .these are but a few of the colors that compose the extensive palette from which Michael Pace so effortlessly draws in his masterful rendering of filmic tableaux. Women want him, men want to be him. He needs a punch.

MP3: Mates of State – So Many Ways
When presented with the sight of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel onstage, gazing lustily into one another’s eyes, and declaring that what each has given the other is “nothing and everything,” some people are happy to simply bask in the warm wave of love that the couple broadcasts. I happen to not be one of those people. I feel nothing but bitter professional envy. Here’s a fact: I will gladly punch a husband in front of his wife and vice versa if it means making them pay for having written a song that so terrifically embodies both triumph and discontent in a simple, barked “Dust! Done!” Mates of State, consider yourselves warned.

MP3: Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song
Some people who know me might think that I’d draw the line at punching a girl right in the face, and I have to admit that those people are almost right. Almost. The winsome ladies of Au Revoir Simone constitute three of the four living women whose noses I’d love to flatten against their faces with my open palm. Their crime? Penning an album (the forthcoming The Bird of Music) chock full of songs as ridiculously immediate and intelligent and just generally mind-blowing as this one, all awesome squishy keyboards and awesome breathy vocals and awesome wistful lyrics and awesome awesomeness. They will taste of my knuckles.

For the record, the other girl I want to punch is Nancy Meyers, writer and director of Columbia Pictures’ execrable The Holiday, a film I just recently saw by accident.

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