12 Days of Mixmas: Day 10
Allan Vest of the Starlight Mints

I can’t really remember what I did before I fell for the Starlight Mints. My love affair started after my friend Cory introduced me to their song “Popsickle” (a defining song for that summer) and has continued well past the release of their newest (best?) album, Drowaton.

MP3: Starlight Mints – Seventeen Devils

And just as I need good music like the Mints, Allan shows us that songwriters need stuff too.

“I Need You Songs” by Allan Vest

Wow… The most desperate phrase of them all. If you do write songs, and you haven’t tried to use this cliche at least once, you’re a bloody g*dd*mn liar.

But every inch of pride inside of me has all but collapsed. What in the world do I do to make her realize she has to be mine? (Glorious trumpets blaring) Oh, yes! …A song about how desperate I am! She’ll understand and want me back because I’ve got these crazy spellbinding melodies and hooks which supercedes everything else in the world. Wait… you really think she might be slightly turned off by it?

MP3: The Who – I Need You
Keith Moon’s best contribution. Listen closely to the mix. All the good drum fills are considerably louder than any other instrument. My favorite lyric “While I raise my hatchet in the yellow crowd!!” …at least that’s my interpretation. I think he may have written “Boris the Spider” too.

MP3: The Beatles – I Need You
George says “I could never really live without you” but he did, and moved on without his beloved Patti (who ended up with Eric Clapton for some reason) …..Then Clapton wrote “Layla” for her with the line included ….”I’m begging, darling please”

MP3: The Kinks – I Need You
Ray defies others here. He uses the phrase “more than anybody else has needed anyone before” This is the most believable out of the bunch, for some reason. How can we not trust this man? But sh*t, he is the king of need and it’s a pretty d*mn good song with an amazing bridge. I’m just happy he’s not her “little puppet”

MP3: INXS – I Need You Tonight
The most unconvincing use of the word “need”. “I need a hit song” …. that’s more like it….

MP3: Lee Hazelwood – What’s More I Don’t Need Her
From the album “Cowboy in Sweden”. A marvelous record circa 1970. Lee seems to know when to “fold em” in his songs. It’s tragedy and truth at it’s best.

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