Deerhoof: “Little Drummer Boy” & “+81”

Photo from BV

To celebrate the upcoming release of their new album Friend Opportunity, Deerhoof are making available the one-two punch of “+81”–a great track from the new album, and “Little Drummer Boy”–a great Christmas classic.

MP3: Deerhoof – Little Drummer Boy
MP3: Deerhoof – +81
“+81? is everything I already loved about Deerhoof mixed with some things I didn’t even know that there was to love about them. Heralded by a horns, “+81? launches into one of Deerhoof’s finest riffs and most fittingly nonsensical choruses. And “Believe ESP?” Don’t get me started. They took one straight out of Enon’s Lost Marbles… playbook and crafted a true gem. I’m starting to define Deerhoof as a band that has somehow always just reached the peak of their game.

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