12 Days of Mixmas: Day 5
Michael Nau of Page France

The past two years have seen some of my favorite bands get crazy productive and even more prolific than normal, and Michal Nau of Page France ranks right up there with the best of them. 2007 saw the release of three Page France EPs, as well as the re-release of their second full length album, Hello Dear Wind

MP3: Page France – Chariot

My favorite thing about meeting Page France was that I realized they all come from totally different musical backgrounds. Sure, Michael is the Dylan-loving guy that you might figure, but he’s also down with a ton of left-field stuff like Jawbreaker and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Plus a few of the guys in the band are like death metal encyclopedias.

“My Favorite Opening Tracks (or) Songs to Walk Your Dog To” by Michael Nau of Page France

MP3: The Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society
one of my favorite records ever, and oh what a great song this is – the communal vocal delivery within its sonic jangles, and the crafty wordplay. when i bought this record, i listened to this track 3 times through before even moving on to the rest of the record.

MP3: Jawbreaker – The Boat Dreams From The Hill
i love jawbreaker. several years ago, 24 hr. revenge therapy was my introduction to the band. a friend of mine was talking my ear off about this band, and i pridefully pretended to know all about them.. later that night i picked up this record, and was blown away. i recall sitting in a garage with some friends, getting ready to play music… i said that i had a headache so that i could just sit down and listen to this record while reading along through the lyric sheet. a few days later, i managed to find a rare, original press of ‘dear you’ for $4.99 at FYE – yes, strange.

MP3: The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
MP3: Margo Guryan – Sunday Morning
i love the breeziness of the VU’s sunday morning, and i love the dirt in margo’s sunday morning. two wonderful handshakes at the beginning of two wonderful records.

MP3: Randy Newman – Love Story (You and Me)
yes, everyone loves ‘nilsson sings newman’, and few may have heard newman’s version of this song. this song is just so good. i love both versions – each for different reasons. newman’s clever and witty wordplay is at its finest here.

MP3: Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Zion’s Blood
super ape is probably my favorite lee “scratch” perry record, at the moment. i’m listening to it as i type this, so it just seems natural and necessary to include the record’s opener in this list. also recommended : king tubby meets the upsetters

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