Sea Wolf: “Black Dirt”

So my list of albums to be released at the start of 07 is already better than most of the album which I’ve loved in 06. Is it the thrill of novelty that’s coloring my perception? I doubt it. Because with songs as quality as those by Sea Wolf [Alex Church from Irving], it’s looking to be a very good year.

MP3: Sea Wolf – Black Dirt
MP3: Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf
I know that blogs are often made fun of for having a habit towards hyperbole. So let me buck this trend and say that one, or both, of these Sea Wolf songs will be the best song you hear all month. I first heard “You’re a Wolf” a year ago, but “Black Dirt” didn’t grace my ears until this past week; and now that it has, I never want it to leave.

“Black Dirt” builds slowly up from a nearly Simon and Garfunkel-esque introduction into a full bodied song. For my money, it doesn’t get much better than when Alex sings the line “Black dirt will stain your feet and when you walk, you’ll leave black dirt in the street.” I can say with confidence that this is universally appealing music that I can get behind 100%

Sea Wolf on Myspace

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