Arcade Fire: “Intervention”

The BBC recently debuted the Arcade Fire’s newest song, “Intervention” to the delight of countless fans. The Us Kids Know Forums are filled with people saying how they were literally moved to tears by hearing the new track. But for me? It just laid to rest every fear I had for their new album (alledgedly titled Neon Bible)

MP3: Arcade Fire – Intervention (radio rip)
I can’t say it any better than Zane Lowe (the DJ at the end) does: “If that doesn’t get you somewhere special, I feel sorry for you.” With little more than the swell of an organ, the steady strum of an acoustic guitar and Win’s characteristicly passionate vocals, Arcade Fire deliver an emotionally stirring work. And when the full band kicks in one-third of the way through the song, you’ll swear it stops being music and becomes something truly divine.


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