Holy F*ck Ready New Material

Holy Fuck hate computers. Just a little bit ago, the band lost irreplaceable recordings made for their next studio album. From the band’s Myspace:

It seems that the final blow from the computer world came this past month. I think the words were “severe head crash” as I was handed back the contents of our crashed hard drive by the employee at a data recovery house. “You’ll be pleased to find that there are only a few corrupt files.”

When he said a few he must have meant something like 2156 corrupt files: all my personal four track archiving, dozens of my own demos and new studio recordings, an entire three days worth of recording in a barn with our friend and MC Beans, and every overdub we did on our new Holy Fuck record, including a smoke filled session with Mars Volta keyboardist Ikey Owens (seriously, some real Sun Ra sh*t). Staring at the computer screen when I got home was like staring at the harsh sunlight through a moth eaten curtain.

Probably should’ve backed it up.

Never ones to say die, the band have made some new tracks available online to enourage themselves to plow onward. “Safari” and “Choppers” are two new tunes recorded live through XM, and “Junglor” is a live reworking of an old track.

MP3: Holy Fuck – Safari (live from the Verge-XM Radio)
MP3: Holy Fuck – Choppers (live from the Verge-XM Radio)
MP3: Holy Fuck – Junglor (live at La Tulipe)

Holy Fuck on Myspace

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