12 Days of Mixmas: Day 1
Daniel of Oh No! Oh My!

It’s tradition for You Aint No Picasso to play yearly host to some wonderful mixes. Each one over the next 12 days is made by one of my favorite bands around some theme of their choosing.

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Walk In The Park

The first is from Daniel of the band Oh No! Oh My! I absolutely cannot suggest them highly enough to those whose ears have yet to give them a listen. Their song “Walk in the Park” should be shot into space the next time NASA gets around to doing that; it’s that good.

Daniel’s theme: “Songs that force some form of a physical reaction on myself as a listener at some particular point in the song, with the qualifications that I’ve had to have heard the songs for over a year, and they still force the same reaction, and the songs cant be written by Thom Yorke or Sufjan Stevens.”

In ascending order from least noticeable physical reaction, to most, as inspired by the song:

MP3: The Robot Ate Me – Apricot Tea
I remember when I first opened up the parcel containing the album that this album is from. It had hand made packaging, with it’s own limited edition number. You could tell it was put together delicately, with much care. This is the 3rd song on the album, and at the time, it was a mind blowing experience hearing it for the first time. So completely simple…and that’s all it needs to be.
Key Moment/Lyric: 1:30, “Oh, will you be the one that smiles for me?”

MP3: Interpol – Say Hello to the Angels
The verses for this song definitely not contain my favorite Interpol moments…but the bridge sure more than makes up for it. I just wish the song would end right after it, instead of going back to the verse structure. Grand, grand, lyrics, though.
Key Moment/Lyric: 2:16, “This isn’t you yet”…etc.

MP3: Broadcast – Oh How I Miss You
The lyrics for this song are the title repeated over and over again. I just love everything about this song. The bass…the little delay piano break right smack dab in the middle of everything… and then the mounting tension of noisy synths in the background underneath the lyrics. Tells the complete story ranging from a casual though of someone, to the realization of not being able to go on without them, using the same 5 words the whole minute and seventeen seconds the song plays.
Key Moment/Lyric: 0:50, …duh

MP3: The Magnetic Fields – 100,000 Fireflies
If you ever know me for any length of time, it’ll usually come up that I think the greatest lyric written is contained in the ending of this song. I’ve been known to listen to the one line once, and rewind and repeat for very very very long stretches of time. Probably not a good idea to ride in the car with me when I play this song…ask any number of people.
Key Moment/Lyric: 2:18, “Why do we keep shrieking when we mean soft things? We should be whispering all the time”

MP3: Animal Collective – Banshee Beat
I have no idea what this song means to the guys who wrote it, or to whoever else listen to it…but this song happened to be playing in my car on the most life changing day I’ve had so far in my life. Whenever I hear it now, it forces me to immediately stop whatever it is that I’m thinking about or doing, lower my head, and brings me back to that night.
Key Moment/Lyric: 4:06, “I don’t think that I like you anymore….I found new feelings at the feeling store

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