Casey Dienel: “Cut Your Hair”

I normally don’t post songs from Daytrotter. That’s a place for all kinds of great exclusive tunes, and while I’m more than happy to link to them, I usually don’t like reposting them. Now with that said, here is a song from Daytrotter. I found this hiding in my iTunes the other day and decided to post on it before I realized it was Daytrotter. Sorry Sean, et al! Check out the rest of Casey Dienel on Daytrotter

MP3: Casey Dienel – Daytrotter – Cut Your Hair (Pavement)
In a way, I’m almost glad that I didn’t hear this cover live. I know that the impact of hearing Casey Dienel’s silky voice tackle Malkmus’ lyrics might have just knocked me flat. And much like every good cover, Dienel does more than a carbon copy of the original. With just voice and keyboards she warps Pavement’s classic into a whole new creature.

Casey Dienel on Myspace

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