CMJ Day 2: The Apples in Stereo

The Apples in Stereo played the Yep Roc/Stereogum day party before hustling over to do a semi-acoustic set at Gothamist’s show. Both were filled with songs from their upcoming album, New Magnetic Wonder.

The Yep Roc showcase was a great launching pad for the band’s new material. Though it had been in live rotation for over a year now, the band still managed to tear through them with fire and energy. The new lineup (adding John Dufilho of the Deathray Davies on drums; John Ferguson of Big Fresh on keyboards) was as tight as could be, and band chemisty and banter were both present in spades.

Unfortunately their strengths didn’t all make the leap to an acoustic setting. “Skyway” and “Energy” still rocked the house, but “7 Stars” was just a little bit awkward. Robert even flinched a little when John (Dufilho–you have to be specific when there are three Johns in a band) requested that they try it.

John “Futureman” Ferguson

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