CMJ Day 1: Galapagos

Apes and Androids

A bit of a happy accident lead me to Galapagos on Wednesday night. I met up with my friend Kathryn, Lexington band Parlour Boys and more bloggers than I’d ever seen at a non-festival concert.

I missed most of Apes and Androids, but everyone seemed totally into them. I was too busy exploring the free face painting and free photo booth–it was the day of the dead, after all.

Harlem Shakes

Kathryn and I ran out to get some pizza, so we also missed most of Harlem Shakes’ set. They had a big crowd for them, and seemed pretty tight on stage. Not my favorite show of CMJ, but I didn’t walk out on it either.


Before Lo-Fi FNK started playing, I bumped into Jeff from Central Village, Jerry from Yeti Don’t Dance and Dave from Brooklyn Vegan. Curiously, they were all three pumped about catching Lo-Fi FNK’s first American show and pretty let down that I had never heard of them before.

Say what you will about blogger hype, but New York blogger’s personal recommendations are awesome. Lo-Fi FNK brought their dancy synth beats to an appreciative American audience with all the charm that you’d expect from three sunny Swedish faces.


Thunderbirds Are Now!

While they were the band I had come to see, Thunderbirds Are Now! left me in a bit of a weird situation. Sure, it was an energetic set full of great music–which is par for TAN! these days–but I couldn’t shake the awkward feeling that permiated a good deal of their set.

You see, Ryan from TAN! entered the crowd during a particularly spirited guitar solo. Some guy, for reasons not known to me, thought it was a good idea to slowly pour his beer on Ryan. Not so much because he was being a jerk, just because he thought it would be appreciated.

Thunderbirds Are Now!

From then on afterwards, the conversation was peppered with awkward pauses, callings-out or other fan-band tension. Eventually Ryan shrugged it off, but it had him visably thrown for a loop. Mix that with some poor acoustics and it makes for a ‘pretty good’ Thunderbirds Are Now! show. Too bad I caught them on an off night, though; their new album is quite enjoyable.

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