Bishop Allen @ Mecca 10.29.06

Justin Rice is a modern day maestro.

With his hair often frizzing out in a Beethoven-esque fashion and jacket just short enough for his sleeves to stay permanently poked out, he play the part of the goofball genius to a tee. But that’s where the goofishness stopped. Bishop Allen’s performance on Sunday was one of both passion and skill. They wanted to give a great show, and boy did they deliver.

The only way to preface a review of the show is by saying that people showed up an hour and a half before the doors opened. Sometime in the past two years, Bishop Allen’s fanbase has grown so much that 70-odd kids came out on a Sunday night to watch four guys from New York sing and play in Lexington, Kentucky.
Perhaps their youthful devotion explains why the crowed stood in awed silence through most of the show, breaking their poise only long enough to clap enthusiastically between songs. That’s not to say that the audience didn’t get into the music, however. Fans clapped along almost reverently to a sentimentally beautiful performance of “Butterfly Nets.”

And while I’m sure I grinned like an idiot as the band worked their way through some of my favorite songs: “The Monitor,” “Middle Management,” “The Same Fire” and a heartbreakingly powerful rendition of “Corazon,” I couldn’t help but think–even then–at how much they’d progressed since I last saw them two years ago.

In spite of line-up changes and so many new songs that Justin and Christian can hardly remember the words, they’ve somehow grown tighter and better. Justin, the humorously mad pianist, and Christian, the powerful guitarist, have turned into something more than either of them likely ever dreamed: a heart-poundingly great band.

Bishop Allen 10.29.06
The Monitor
Like Castanets
Busted Heart
Click Click Click Click
Light of the Lost
Winter Coat
Middle Management
Butterfly Nets
The Same Fire
Flight 180
Things Are What You Make of Them

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