The Long Distants: “We Meet By Accident”

You know the story. One of your favorite bands is playing and you have no idea who the opener is. Another boring set to sit through, right? Well not this past Friday. The Long Distants opened for Oh No! Oh My! and I could not have been happier. I’ve listened to their EP almost nonstop since getting back to Lexington and I’d love to share it with you.

MP3: The Long Distants – We Meet By Accident
MP3: The Long Distants – Acorn Eyes
All great loves can be seen as a product of collsions. Your path intersecting with theirs, emotions tumbling together: it’s a very violent thing. Only with “We Meet By Accident,” The Long Distants take that one step further and tell the story of a girl meeting the man of her dreams after he comes crashing into both her life, and her car. It’s delightfully lo-fi indie pop that’s sure to delight you with its simplicity. Yet more proof that you can do more than just get by with some superb songwriting.

The Long Distants on Myspace

Last night’s Bishop Allen show was one of the best that I’ve been to in a long while. Photos and review to follow shortly!

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