De Novo Dahl @ The Dame 10.26.06

De Novo Dahl @ The Dame 10.26.06

Waiting to see what costumes De Novo Dahl wear at their shows is like waiting to open your presents on Christmas morning–only this time around, the anticipation had a lot more in common with that analogy that usual.

MP3: De Novo Dahl – Shout

I’ve never seen an audience at the Dame clap for a band’s clothes, but that’s just what we did when De Novo Dahl strolled on to the stage wearing Christmas oufits: four reindeer and a Santa drummer. What really topped it all off, though, was that they had used christmas tree lights as reins to go from Santa’s drum set to each of his reindeer.

New songs once again dominated the setlist (with fan-favs like “The Funk” and “Be Your Man” rounding it out), but don’t take that in the way it usually means. De Novo Dahl’s new tunes are strong enough to overcome the uncomfortable I-don’t-know-the-words period of debuting new material at a show. We ate it up.

MP3: De Novo Dahl – Subject of the Kill

De Novo Dahl Tour Dates

10/29 – Philadelphia @ The Fire
10/31 – NYC @ Piano’s
11/1 – Grantham @ Messian College
11/4 – NYC @ Arlene’s Grocery
11/9 – Nashville @ The Mercy Lounge
11/10 – Athens @ 40 Watt
11/11 – Atlanta @ Lenny’s Bar

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