Michael Nau: “This Little Garden”

It seems fitting to write about Michael Nau (of Page France) immediately after posting on Bishop Allen; they’re both two of the most prolific bands out there. But whereas Bishop Allen are pushing themselves to release 12 EPs in 12 months, Michael Nau is sharing with us the songs that he’s yet to put to use. After creating yet another Myspace account, he posted four unreleased demos. They’re all great, but the spooky part is this: if these are songs he was messing around with, imagine how good the songs will wind up on the new album will be.

Song explanations by Michael Nau.

MP3: Michael Nau – This Little Garden
“i wrote this song during a six tour. i scratched it to 4track, and then we worked it for a bit before setting it aside. i was mildly enthusiastic about recording an album’s worth of songs that felt like a crooked nursery rhyme, if you will… kind of a “see this, hear this, touch this, smell this” itch, but it never panned out. this song features : whitney mcgraw playing keys and singing, clinton jones playing electric guitar, jasen reeder playing bass, and michael nau playing guitar, drums, and singing.”

MP3: Michael Nau – Real to You (Swinger’s Mix)
“this song was written quite some time ago… i believe when i was at the age of 17.. i’ve since reworked it into this state, which we’ll call gabriel’s swinger mix. whitney sang on this song andd bj lewis played trumpet and trombone.”

MP3: Michael Nau – Tomato Morning
“this was the first song that i wrote with a ukelele. it’s several months old. its first parts were recorded to 4track cassette and then dumped to computer where things were finished. i recall recording this jam in the middle of the night, pushing record and then sprinting to the drum throne to be ready to play the drums when the song began. i later managed to fall asleep while tracking the synth part, then awoke and noticed that pro tools had been running on record for a few hours. maybe i should’ve been in bed instead.”

MP3: Michael Nau – A Song to Die In (Mopey Remix)
“this song was written and recorded around the same time as ‘little garden’.this too was recorded to cassette initially. the voice is loud, as you’ll notice. bj lewis played trumpet on this one.”

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