Of Montreal: “Everyday Feels Like Sunday”

So apparently NASDAQ is using Of Montreal’s “Everyday Feels Like Sunday” in a commercial now. What with this and the Outback Steakhouse usage of “Wraith Pinned to the Mist…” I guess Of Montreal’s live show is going to get a crazy shot in the arm for their Hissing Fauna tour. Read the discussion on the E6 Townhall.

MP3: Of Montreal – Everyday Feels Like Sunday
This song could be seen as a pretty important turning point for Kevin Barnes’ songwriting. It’s half classic OM at its heart–something that wouldn’t be too out of place on Odessey and Oracle–and half electronic-leaning dance music. But when you get down to it, the chorus is what sells it. Kevin’s always been a melody genius, and this one is no different; the best part though, is that he knows he’s got a great chorus. How do I know? He jumps right into it. Sure, it’s not quite the “She Loves You” jump of one second into the chorus, but it’s still a strong lead-off.

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Tonight is Wilco at the Tall Stacks music festival! I’ve never seen Tweedy & Co. before, so I’m fairly excited.

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