Joseph Arthur: “Too Much To Hide”

I might be somewhat late to the “Joseph Arthur’s new album is great” bandwagon, but what matters is that I eventually made it. I’ve been in love with the record for a couple days now, and apparently so has everyone in Lexington. We already sold out of it at work, and had to order a bunch more. It’s not shocking, really; Joseph Arthur is pretty amazing.

MP3: Joseph Arthur – Too Much To Hide
Joseph Arthur is who Pete Yorn must think he sees when he looks in a mirror. He’s got the singer-songwriter thing done so well that I feel a traitor to use that phrase anywhere near him. Perhaps it’s the Morrissey-like romanticism that suckered me in. Arthur is emotive, but never wimpy. “Too Much To Hide” finds him at arguably his lyrical and melodic best, winding up somewhere between Pete Yorn and a 21st Century John Lennon.

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