Of Montreal: “She’s A Rejector”

I’ve often said that one of the most essential things in life is having something to look forward to. One of the events I’ve been holding in the back of my mind was the eventual release of Of Montreal’s Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Now it’s leaked online, so I’m torn between lamenting the loss of the build-up and enjoying what will most likely be one of my favorite albums of next year. That is, after it’s released five months from now.

MP3: Of Montreal – She’s A Rejector
There’s a book out there called What Color Is Your Parachute? which bills itself as a ‘practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers.’ The idea is that the ‘color’ of your parachute relates to your skills, likes and dislikes and allows you to decide what type of outlet to pursue. For anyone more than casually familiar with Of Montreal’s discography, it should be readily apparent that Kevin Barnes’ parachute is likely to change colors on a whim. Over the past decade he’s played heir to the throne of the Zombies, studied at the altar of early T. Rex and is currently trying to combine Prince with electroclash. The best part? He’s yet to mess up.

My initial reaction to Hissing Fauna… was, admittedly, one ruled by the Gay Parade loving side of my brain. Is the man who penned the outro to Nickee Coco–one of my favorite moments in all of music–really responsible for these dancefloor selections? I rejected it solely on the premise that it was a move away from something that felt safe and comfortable to me; something that I already knew.

Try though I might, I just couldn’t keep up my resolve. Kevin’s ice cold delivery and flippant lyrics back up all the glitter and costumes that he’s donned in recent years. “She’s A Rejector” is nothing short of a fantastic song, telling the tale of Kevin’s bitterness towards the woman who scorned him. If you have to, think of this as a new chapter in the life of Of Montreal; just don’t cling to the past so long that you can’t see the future. And from the looks of it, the future is shining bright. Glitter tends to do that.

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Of Montreal Tour Dates
09-22 Lexington, KY – University of Kentucky Student Center Grand Ballroom ^
09-23 Urbana, IL – Canopy Club (Polyvinyl 10 Year Anniversary Party/Pygmalion Festival)
09-24 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
09-25 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
09-26 New York, NY – Irving Plaza (Wired Next Music Fest) *
09-28 Charlottesville, VA – Satellite Ballroom
10-07 Los Angeles, CA – LA Weekly Detour Festival +

^ with The American Revolution (featuring Robert Schneider)
* with Jamie Lidell
+ with Beck

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