The Lovely Sparrows: “The War Has Seen The Best Of Me”

The Lovely Sparrows have an unfortunate closeness in name to The Lovely Feathers that’s bound to confuse more than a couple people. But after hearing what they’ve got to offer, you’ll see they’re a bit more related (in voice at least) to Isaac Brock or Spencer Krug.

MP3: The Lovely Sparrows – The War Has Seen The Best Of Me
The opening line might have the cadence of a Doctor Seuss poem, but that’s quickly dropped for a style that’s probably not unlike what we’re going to see on the new Swan Lake collaboration. The Lovely Sparrows use everything from piano and mandolin to handclaps and snaps to get their vision out on tape, and the result is inspiring. Be sure to hold judgement on if you agree until after the closing sing-along.

The Lovely Sparrows on Myspace
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