Of Montreal @ Madison Theater 8.03.06

Of Montreal are quite possibly America’s best live band. Of course, when you play as many shows as they do, you’d probably become quite a whiz at it yourself. Still, these late-generation E6-ers have turned their performance into an art form with costumes, covers and and an energetic, humorous performance that has probably never left any fan wanting more.

Taking the stage with banners a-flying, Of Montreal immediately commanded the attention of everyone in the Madison Theater. Costumes were–as is the norm for the band–the name of the game on Thursday, as Bryan “The Late B.P. Helium” Poole had an orange sundress, and Kevin and Dottie in matching green mini-skirts. But before anyones cries “gimmick,” let me be quick to point out that they never drew attention to their cross dressing or let anything take precedence over the music.

While the setlist was a bit more varied than their last tour, it still drew heavily upon their last two albums. We did, however, get a few special treats: four new songs (including “Suffer for Fasion” and the rocking “She’s a Rejector”), “Old People in the Cemetary” and after the encore, we got a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” Not a half bad setlist by any means.

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