Kite Flying Society: “Submarine Music”

You know how sometimes you download a couple songs by a band, love ’em, but they turn out to be the only good songs on their eventual album? This is what I was worried about with Kite Flying Society. Luckily their new cd arrived on Friday and I couldn’t be happier with it. This will definitely be going in my top albums of the year list.

MP3: Kite Flying Society – Submarine Music
MP3: Kite Flying Society – If I Could Split
I should have just renamed my blog “quirky indie folk-pop;” it would save me a lot of time. Much like The Light Footwork, or The Submarines with a little more life breathed in them, Kite Flying Society provide us with yet another song that is as stunning as it is evocative. The opening track “Submarine Music” makes it literally impossible for the listener not to continue on with the rest of the album.

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I believe that I am catching the flu. Oh woe! I bet it was from all the fun we had Goodwill Bowling.

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