Man Man @ Pitchfork 7.29.06

For the past month or so, I would answer the question “who are you most excited about seeing at Pitchfork like this: “well, I really want to see Man Man again, but I’m not sure how their live show will translate into a festival setting.” When I first saw them, it was in a dark bar in a very intimate setting. This made for a spooky and almost tribal performance. Saturday’s show was pretty tribal too, only less Lord of the Flies and more Where The Wild Things Are.

MP3: Man Man – Engwish Bwudd

Highlights included the spray of feathers (top pic), Honus’ cap gun suicide, and two girls supplying the backing vocals for a thrilling performance of “Ice Dogs,” which they used to close their set.

MP3: Man Man – Ice Dogs

As I suspected, Man Man wound up being one of my favorite performances of the entire festival. If you’re looking for energy in a live act, they’re where it’s at.

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