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NEWSFLASH: the music business is an unpleasent place. In an age where record labels would rather install DRMs than take care of their artists, and where thousands of music “fans” pirate songs and offer nothing in return to bands, it’s easy to see how someone could lose focus on the music. But for a few hours today, there were no walls between the music and those who wanted to hear it.

WOXY, an internet-only radio station, and Oh No! Oh My!, a band whose concerts still number in the single digits, were able to help each other to get music to eager ears.

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Introduction
MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Skip the Foreplay
MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – I Have No Sister
MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Interview
MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Party Punch
MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Farewell To All My Friends
MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Walk In The Park
MP3: OH No! Oh My! – Outro

The only time the six members of Oh No! Oh My! ever seemed flustered was when their interviewer, Mike Taylor, read out the list of their upcoming shows: Siren’s pre-party, Lollapalooza, Kuyahoga, Lite Brite, etc. After hearing it, Daniel offered an all-too-humble appology for anyone about to see them. That, of course, lead into the question of how exactly they went from coffehouses to Lollapalooza in six short shows. No one was quite sure.

But after playing their five (!) songs, Oh No! packed it in for the day. Nathaniel and I got to wander around the WOXY offices for a bit with them, watching everyone go ga-ga over one thing or another (Sondre Lerche mp3s, recording equipment, or, in my case, Joseph Arthur’s hand-drawn wall mural on their autograph board). Then it was a whirlwind trip back to Kentucky, a quick loss in Super Smash Brothers Melee by Nathaniel and myself to Greg (band bests bloggers?) and then more time spent on the road for all.

More than anything, I was left with the impression that Oh No! Oh My! aren’t just getting better, but they’re getting more confident. Yes, there were self-depreciating remarks thrown around before the set, but no one was serious. Seeing them almost two months after their Lexington show is like seeing them in a bit of time-lapse photography; they’ve grown and improved slowly, steadily, but also noticeably.

Lord knows how good they’ll be when I catch them at Kuyahoga.

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