Enon: “Knock That Door”

Did you know that after the death of Brainiac’s Tim Taylor, John Schemersal lived in a Masonic temple in Kentucky and recorded an acoustic album under the name John Stuart Mill? Apparently it’s true. Thank God we eventually got the beauty that is Enon. I wasn’t blown away with their live show when I saw them last July/August at the Southgate House. Since then I’ve become familiarized with their discography, and I’m pretty excited to catch them today at Desdemona. Here’s the Enon song that I’ll usually call my favorite.

MP3: Enon – Knock That Door
This is the song I play on WRFL any time I have to reaffirm my hipness to both of my listeners. “Knock That Door” rides a groovy bass line from the starting gun all the way to the finish, with astonishing success. Call it skill or call it luck, but I believe a large part of its success is due to Toko Yasuda’s blissfully poppy vocals. They cute at the same time that they’re catchy.

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