Viva Voce: “We Do Not F*ck Around”

Viva Voce’s new album, Get Yr Blood Sucked Out, comes out Sept 12th, 2006 , and all signs are pointing to mindblowing. Barsuk sent one of the new songs out to bloggers a little bit ago, and now they’ve just posted a second for download on their site. It’s crazy how different the two are, but they’re both so great that I’d be a fool to complain.

MP3: Viva Voce – We Do Not F*ck Around
Starting off like one of Stephin Merritt’s showtunes, “We Do Not F*ck Around” is every bit as focused as the title would imply. Much like the indie scene as a whole, Viva Voce seem to have picked up a little bit of Arcade Fire sound in the past year. The chorus is a resounding anthem of self-affirmation for the band, reminding us and them that they “do not f*ck around.” The curious thing is that as often as they feel the need to say it, they never get angry or overly emotional about it. Originally I kept longing for them to just scream, and drive their point home. But now I’m fairly sure that isn’t what the song is about. It’s powerful, yes; but it’s also a little bit sad.

MP3: Viva Voce – So Many Miles

Viva Voce on Myspace

It looks like I have to chose between seeing Frank Black play at The Dame and seeing Circulatory System and The Apples in Stereo play at Athens Popfest. Right now I’m leaning towards Popfest. I think I need to do another edition of Kentucky Concerts, because there are some darn good ones in our neighborhood this summer (The Late B. P. Helium @ The Dame, June 26th–my birthday!, Final Fantasy @ Alchemize, June 29th)

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