The Living Blue: “One Beat”

I rarely get excited about openers, but I’ll make an exception for The Living Blue. They’re getting ready to tool around the country with Dressy Bessy, and will be making a stop in Lexington, KY to play the world-famous Dame. If you like 60s/70s rock, these kids might be for you.

MP3: The Living Blue – One Beat
MP3: The Living Blue – State of Affairs
I would never have really thought that the 22-20s would sound good blended with The Futureheads. Still, maybe it would be a good idea, as the Living Blue have a good deal of success trying something not too far away from it. There’s a part of their music that has that “classic” approach to songwriting, but at the same time they modern it up quite a bit.

The Living Blue on Myspace

T-minus three days until Desdemona. Are any one of you going? I’m going to be meeting up with a bunch of people there, and I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to it.

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