Evangelicals: “Diving”

Last night I pulled Evangelical’s album So Gone out of my “why haven’t I posted on this yet” stack, and what good timing. Pitchfork lauded them today, giving the band an 8.1 and “Best New Music” status. It’s great psychodelia folk pop-ish…stuff. Right.

MP3: Evangelicals – Diving
MP3: Evangelicals – Another Day (And Yoor Still Knocked Out)
Skipping from song to song on So Gone might as well be like changing cds entirely. It’s not strange for Evangelicals to genre-jump or take the tempo for an unexpected turn from song to song. In fact, the only real uniting theme seems to be that they’re mostly catchy and all very good. “Diving,” in particular, is a perfect pop hit, ideal for those sunny days when you just feel like unwinding to a beautiful score. At this rate, Norman, OK is going to turn into an even bigger music hub than OKC.

Evangelicals on Myspace

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