The Boy Least Likely To: “Faith”

In one of life’s more beautiful moments, this morning I woke up and discovered that The Boy Least Likely To were streaming a cover of George Michael’s “Faith” on their site. Since the original had always been a favorite of mine and TBLLT are among my favorite musicians in the past few years, this was a welcome surprise.

MP3: The Boy Least Likely To – Faith (George Michael)
I laughed out loud at the one minute mark in this song. Not the harsh, “I can’t believe they’re failing so bad” kind of laugh that I usually do when reviewing music (joke), but one of sheer happiness. Happiness that two guys can have this much fun making music, and still be so darn good at it. Unlike most covers of 80s classics, there’s not even a question as to their motives. Rather than rely on kitsch or modern ironicism, The Boy Least Likely To have recorded a cover that pays an homage to a great song, rather than poking fun at it. And before you ask, yes. Yes there is their trademark banjo in this cover, and it’s beautiful as always.

TBLLT on Myspace

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