Favourite Sons: “Hang On Girl”

Looks like the oft-overlooked Favourite Sons just signed to the oft-lauded Vice Records; hopefully this will correct the ‘overlooked’ bit. Their new album, Down Beside Your Beauty, will come out on Vice September 12, but until then you can catch a quick preview here.

MP3: Favourite Sons – Hang On Girl
After many repeat listens, I still can’t shake the idea that “Hang On Girl” is a more masculine, slightly less poetic variation on some of Morrissey’s best work–and I mean that in a good way. Much like some of the Moz’s songs, “Hang On Girl” expresses a general disillusionment with some core parts of our society (“happy families mean nothing to me”) and even has that air of ruffian romanticism. It’s sort of sweet in a strange way when our protagonist tells his girl that he’s going to steal her a diamond, even though she doesn’t like “precious things.” But much like all other Favourite Sons songs, the real emphasis is placed in the chorus. Let me just say that it’s one of their finest yet and I highly suggest putting it on in the car when you can sing along as loud as you please.

Favourite Sons on Myspace

Thanks to my good friend Brad (no, not my old roommate–the one who lives in Texas and always sends me Spoon videos he records) for pointing me to the best game ever: De-Animator. It’s really simple, but tons of fun.

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