Punches: “Day By Day”

I’ll admit that I listned to Punches primarily because I’d listened to the Talking Heads song “Born Under Punches” a couple hours prior to finding them (note: they sound nothing like that song, it was just a funny bit of fate). Punches’ new EP is a light blend of electronica with folky pop–think a junior version of Sing Sing and you’re halfway there.

MP3: Punches – Day By Day
Sing it with me: “Step by step, day by day, fresh start over, a different hand to play.” Okay, so maybe it’s not a theme song from my childhood, but it’s certainly a nice song to have. Doubled vocals float along on a piano riff and a chord progression that reminds me a bit of “In the Aeroplane Over The Sea.” Beatiful.

Punches on Myspace

The Perry Bible Fellowship is totally hitting his stride again. Check out Food Fight and Woolves over at his temporary archive.

Well, I’m off to WRFL’s staff meeting / picnic. Hopefully they’ll like my You Aint No Cassarole (just joking. I’ll probably pick up brownies on the way over).

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