Contest Winners and Destroyer on CBC

Ho! Ho! Ho! Time to announce the winners of those three contests I just ran. Here they are in no particular order:

Raconteurs Prize Pac: Cbotwell
Petticoat Petticoat CD #1: James (“Pure Evil Takes Talent, Ingenuity, Cunning, Oregano And Thyme”)
Petticoat Petticoat CD #2: Maia (“Putin Enjoyes the Tasty Icecream Cone On A Trampoline”)
Prototypes NYC Tickets: Brittany Shaw

So if those names look like or are yours, I’d be checking your email!

Just so the rest of you aren’t too bummed, here’s a link to download Destroyer’s most recent CBC session. I think Hidden Cameras are doing one soon, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could set me up with a copy of theirs once it’s done. Awoo is amazing.

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