The Octopus Project: “Music Is Happiness”

I was just reminded that The Octopus Project will be playing at The Southgate House on June 20th. In honor of the anticipated rocking out that I’ll be doing then (if Bonnaroo doesn’t kill me first), here’s my favorite Octopus Project song.

MP3: The Octopus Project – Music is Happiness
I remember not purchasing Octopus Project’s album One Ten Hundred Thousand Million because I looked it up online in the store and it had the word “instrumental” in the review. At the time I wasn’t really willing to risk buying a random cd with a band too lazy to even come up with words. It sounds cliche, but with The Octopus Project, their music are their words. “Music Is Happiness” has enough twists and turns to fill a John Grisham novel. Sure it might not have any real lyrics, but it doesn’t need them. Sometimes you want to hear a song about love lost, and sometimes you want to have music race through your veins at the frantic pace of this energetic drum beat. Today I pick the latter.

The Octopus Project on Myspace

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