Bishop Allen: “Butterfly Nets”

It’s the end of the month, so in addition to bills, you can also expect a new EP from Bishop Allen. May was released today and can be purchased for $6 (or $4 for the digital download, or $7 for both the physical and digital). Not only is it surprising that these folks are still keeping up with their EP-a-month schedule, but it’s amazing that they actually seem to be getting better as they go along.

MP3: Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets
As a part of their EP project, Bishop Allen have pushed the limits of their “sound,” and as a result, provided more than their fair share of shocking moments. The piano’s first appearance in “Corazon.” The delay in “The Monitor.” The dreamy quality of “Flight 180.” It is without any trepidation that I say this month’s surprise moment surpasses all the rest. This marks the first time that Bishop Allen has written a song with a female lead vocalist: a special guest named Darbie

“Butterfly Nets” is a spectacular song. The inclusion of the female vocals isn’t for novelty or even the sake of being cute–it’s just another example of the band doing all they can do serve the spirit of the song. Darbie’s vocals are innocent and beautiful, perfectly complimenting a song about the popular children’s game of catching butterflies. Cap it all off with a lazy saxophone solo and you’ve got the perfect cloud watching song.

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