Shapes and Sizes: “Island’s Gone Bad”

Whew! That weekend away was just what I needed. Now I’m relaxed and ready to tackle indie music once again. Shapes and Sizes have their self-titled album coming out on Asthmatic Kitty on July 11th, and the first preview song from it couldn’t have me more excited.

MP3: Shapes and Sizes – Island’s Gone Bad
This track could have been two or three good songs–instead it’s one great song. But unlike other song meldings, it doesn’t feel like they just stuck two halves together to make one whole song; though it’s likely that’s exactly what they did. The Love Is All-esque last half of the song is like the natural extension of the dreamy opening, which feels almost like it could have been a rejected track off The Moon and Antarctica. Rejected why? Maybe it’s because it turns into a lovey-dovey poem about how air tastes cleaner when the couple is together. I can’t really picture Isaac Brock being that chipper.

Shapes and Sizes on Myspace

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