The Lovely Feathers: “Pope John Paul”

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MP3: The Lovely Feathers – Pope John Paul
I have a bad habit of finding a song that I’m immediately drawn to on an album, listening to it on repeat, and neglecting the rest of the songs. I did it with Funeral two years ago (“Laika” was the culprit), and I did it with The Lovely Feathers’ album, Hind Hind Legs this year. I was so in love with “Frantic” that I skipped over one of the best songs on the album: “Pope John Paul.” You’d think that, as a Catholic, this would have been the first one I paused on. Not so. For some reason, this song didn’t grab me until this past week. It’s got catchy enough verses, but the cries of “Krakow, Poland!” are what really caught my ear. It’s like a less avant-garde Unicorns.

The Lovely Feathers on Myspace

I’m pretty sure a recording of that Apples show will surface by the time I get back to Etown. I’m also pretty sure that Robert is going to record a children’s album under the name “Robbert Bobbert.” I don’t know which of these two things makes me happier.

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