Chas Mtn: “Fly Over The City”

Whew! I’m just now starting to get settled back into home and am getting a chance to listen to the mound of cds that piled up in the weeks leading up to finals and move-out. Instead of focusing on the fact that I’ll be moving again in two weeks, I’m going to point you to Chas Mtn. They’re part freak folk, part regular folk, part pop, and all awesome.

MP3: Chas Mtn. – Fly Over the City
MP3: Chas Mtn. – Deep Safety
I hate bands like Chas Mtn. I hate them because they don’t allow me to speak in absolutes. If you cut Chas Mtn. (and maybe Vetiver’s new album) out of the picture, I could go back to saying that I hate the freak folk movement. But something about Chas Mtn. has made me warm up to their sound. It’s not as technically skilled as Devendra or as wild as the Animal Collective, but they seem to have the heart required to write passionate songs that won’t get left in the dust.

Chas Mtn. on Myspace

Don’t forget! The Apples in Stereo are playing at Underlying Themes in Lexington, KY this Thursday, May 18th.

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