Zero 7 ft. Jose Gonzales: “Left Behind”

Zero 7 are no slouches. For their newest album, The Garden, they’ve tapped one of the most accessible and talented artists in the music biz today: Jose Gonzalez. The talented Swede appears on one third of the album, with Sia Furler beating him at one half.

MP3: Zero 7 ft. José González – Left Behind
The thing about Zero 7 and Jose Gonzalez that partially kills me and partially delights me is that I know that one day I’m going to hear it in Starbucks. Their music is both non-offensive and relaxing to the point where it’s *gasp* music that hipsters and “normal” people can both enjoy. And why shouldn’t we? The first half recalls a bit of Jose’s work on “Heartbeats” and the outro leaves us hanging on that one important phrase: “cleaning up the mess you left behind.”

Zero 7 on Myspace

The album comes out May 22nd.

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